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Custom Rifle Handguards


Buttstock Skeleton Stocks for Rifle and Carbine

muzzle breaks

Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders


Target Varmit Bi Pods


Barrel Nut Wrench AR10 and AR15


Air Gun Pellet Rifle Custom Butt Stock and Forearms

Professional Grade Tactical and Target Gear

T&T designs and develops accessories for many applications.

Tactical Hand Guards and Free Float Tubes

Basics guards are 2in diameter x 1/8in wall 6061 T6 aluminum tubing, mil spec. hard coat, black anodize or any of the special coating and colors that are available.


Rails sections are mounted at 2 - 6 - 10 O’clock where you need them and don’t have to deal with rails and covers in the hand grip area. We are able to quote custom hand guards per your drawing and install rails and cooling holes / slots where you need them.



Buttstock / Skeleton Stocks

Stocks are 6061 T6 aluminum for both rifle and carbine. The rifle stock has a hinged storage compartment and is available with the monopod as shown and an ambi sling swivel.


The carbine is a six position skeleton frame with either a fixed butt or several custom target and adjustable pads, including one for armor clad. The adjustments are for length of pull, off set and kant . Both are available with an adjustable cheek rest.


Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders

Several types are offered and constantly being improved on. We offer muzzle brakes in heat treated steel, stainless, titanium or in hard coated aluminum with 1/2 -28, 5/8 -24 tpi or specials by request.


Bi Pods

These are the ultimate in heavy duty design and unique in the tactical arena. They are cast of A356 aluminum and heat treated to a T5 condition making this one of the most robust Target / Varmit  bi pods. It has a 4 ½ inch adjustment in height  and pivots 30 degrees in any direction. The bronze acme nut system will support, up to heavy .50 cal barreled guns and it does not have any protrusions to catch in the brush. It is Teflon coated and uses a picatinney mount. A quick detach mount is on the drawing board.  Weight approximately 24 oz Patent Pending



We offer barrel nut wrenches for both AR10 and AR15’s that are the safest and easiest to use with a torque wrench. There is a ½ inch socket type square hole in the end for the wrench and replaceable dowel pins for both size barrel nuts and are long enough to service common barrel lengths.



Air Gun / Pellet Rifle

We make adjustable butt stocks and varmit / target forearms for the popular Airforce Talon SS Air Guns© Adjustable butt stock. Forearms are custom designed and built to customer specs and will be quoted  on a per job basis.